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Breeze Caddy

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Have some love for your glove. Grab Breeze Caddy, the portable drying solution. This drying device will dry your glove faster while preserving the shape of your glove. Grab a Breeze Caddy today so you can stay fresh on the course.

• Breezecaddy glove drying unit with removable/rechargeable fan
• USB charging cord
• Carabiner with bottle opener
• Logo'd Divot Tool
• Logo'd 

Keeping your glove dry is a breeze. On a hot day on the course, the grip of your club can become loose, causing you to have little control in your swing. With Breeze Caddy, always count on your glove to feel comfortable and dry so you can be in control of your golf game. This easy-to-use drying device will turn your cleanup routine into a breeze.